http web proxy servers list -- Regularly updated list of IP:Port proxy servers.

Public proxy servers can be used with any application (e.g. web browsers) that supports the use of proxies.
They provide an easy way to mask your true IP address and enable you to surf anonymously online.

how to use this page

  • Proxy servers from any particular country can be displayed by clicking appropriate link in column "Country".
  • Green bar in column "Speed" indicates fast proxy, red bar slow one.
  • Click red icon () next to a specific country to exclude all proxy servers from this country.
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IP address

rating: based on reliability, response time and time elapsed from the last check

why use proxy?

  • To gain access to country-based restricted or locally restricted content on the Internet.
  • To break through governments/institutions/corporations/providers restrictions.
  • To avoid Internet censorship in several countries. For anonymity and privacy.

proxy types

  • High Anonymous Proxy

    When using this HA proxy, remote host does not know your IP and has no direct proof of proxy usage (proxy-connection family header strings). If such hosts do not send additional header strings it may be considered as high-anonymous.
  • Anonymous Proxy

    Such a proxy hides your IP but reveal the fact that a proxy is being used.
  • Transparent Proxy

    This kind of proxy reveals your true IP.