Kenya web proxy servers list

List of proxy servers ordered by speed (from the fastest to the slowest).

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IP address
Port 8080 Kenya
1 hour ago 92% transparent 184 8080 Kenya
3 hours ago 75% transparent 153 8080 Kenya
9 hours ago 72% transparent 142 8080 Kenya
7 hours ago 72% transparent 142 60045 Kenya
1 hour ago 63% high anon. 136 8080 Kenya
25 hours ago 65% anonymous 104 61733 Kenya
9 hours ago 42% high anon. 95 23500 Kenya
5 hours ago 60% high anon. 116 8080 Kenya
7 hours ago 35% transparent 87 23500 Kenya
23 hours ago 39% high anon. 70 61859 Kenya
1 hour ago 18% high anon. 67 59224 Kenya
15 hours ago 24% high anon. 57
rating: based on reliability, response time and time elapsed from the last check

why use proxy?

  • To gain access to country-based restricted or locally restricted content on the Internet.
  • To break through governments/institutions/corporations/providers restrictions.
  • To avoid Internet censorship in several countries. For anonymity and privacy.

proxy types

  • High Anonymous Proxy

    When using this HA proxy, remote host does not know your IP and has no direct proof of proxy usage (proxy-connection family header strings). If such hosts do not send additional header strings it may be considered as high-anonymous.
  • Anonymous Proxy

    Such a proxy hides your IP but reveal the fact that a proxy is being used.
  • Transparent Proxy

    This kind of proxy reveals your true IP.